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Fun Yoga Accessories to Crochet Along With Yoga Animals

Bring to you some interesting yoga accessories to crochet for crocheters who are yoga lovers and amigurumi addicts. Especially for those who bought my yoga animal patterns. Enjoy!

Key Points:

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Style/theme: Freestyle
Available in PDF Patterns Library: YES
Related Patterns: Yoga Animals


Are you a yoga lover who’s also into amigurumi and crochet? If so, I have a treat for you! In this blog post, I’m excited to share some free patterns for yoga accessories that will take your yoga practice to the next level. These patterns were created specifically to complement my yoga animal collection, which features some of the cutest animals doing yoga poses you’ve ever seen!

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lennutas yoga animals listing 4 S Fun Yoga Accessories to Crochet Along With Yoga Animals

Yoga Animals

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Our yoga accessory patterns include instructions for making a cube, pyramid, yoga mat, ball, and dumbbells. These accessories are not only functional but also fun and adorable, and they’re designed to be beginner-friendly so even those new to crochet can easily follow along.

Whether you’re looking to add some extra cushioning to your yoga practice with a cozy mat, or to tone your arms with some cute dumbbells, these patterns have got you covered. And the best part? You can mix and match them with our yoga animal collection patterns to create your own unique yoga scenes featuring your favorite animals doing yoga poses.

So dust off your crochet hooks and get ready to create some cute and functional yoga accessories with us! In the next sections, I’ll provide all the details you need to get started, from the materials and tools you’ll need to the step-by-step instructions for each pattern.

Materials and Tools Needed

Here’s some information you will need to know and prepare for crocheting these yoga accessories.

Abbreviations (US term)

These pattern is written using US TERM. For beginners, please refer to this post to learn about all basic crochet stitches for beginners.

Materials and Notes

Looking for the best yarn for amigurumi project? Read this post to find out more.

Want to make these yoga accessories exactly like me? Use this yarn and colors I listed below, you can find this kind of 4-ply yarn and buy it online easily on ETSY. Try with your favorite colors if you like. I’m using hook size 2.3 mm and Hamanaka is one of my favorite brands, find Hamanaka hook on ETSY.

You also can use other sport weight yarns that you have been familiar with. I recommend using Yarnart Jeans as an alternate, buy online with 30% off here. Besides, you will need some extra kinds of stuff as follows:

  • Scissors, pins, needles, stuffing.

A few notes:

  • For a better result, use single crochet cross stitch (yarn under) and invisible single crochet decrease stitch unless otherwise specified.
  • Work in a continuous spiral unless otherwise specified.

Yoga Accessories To Crochet

Yoga Mat Crochet Pattern

The first yoga accessory to crochet is a yoga mat, which is requested most of the time by my customers. You can see a cute yoga dinosaur on a yoga mat.

yoga accessories to crochet

Start with gray yarn

Ch 29, work in rows, ch 1, and turn at the end of each row.

  • 1: sc into the 2nd from the hook, 27sc (28)
  • 2-4 (3 rows): 28sc (28)

Change to brown yarn

  • 5: 28sc (28)

Change to gray yarn

  • 6: 28sc (28)

Change to brown yarn on BOLD BLUE stitches

  • 7: [sc, sc]*14 (28)
  • 8-46 (39 rows): 28sc (28)
  • 47: [sc, sc]*14 (28)
  • 48: 28sc (28)

Change to brown yarn

  • 49: 28sc (28)

Change to gray yarn

  • 50-54 (5 rows): 28sc (28)

Fasten off, and weave in ends.

Cut some 3cm gray and teal yarn then tie them to row 1 and row 54.

yoga pet crochet pattern

Yoga Pets

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Dumbbells Crochet Pattern

Accessories to Crochet

Use brown yarn

  • 1: 6sc into MR (6)
  • 2: 6inc (12)
  • 3: [inc, sc]*6 (18)
  • 4: [inc, 2sc]*6 (24)
  • 5: [inc, 3sc]*6 (30)
  • 6: 30sc (30)
  • 7: [dec, 3sc]*6 (24)
  • 8: [dec, 2sc]*6 (18)
  • 9: [dec, sc]*6 (12)
  • 10: 2sc, dec, 4sc, dec, 2sc (10)
  • 11-24 (14 rounds): 10sc (10)
  • 25: inc, 4sc, inc, 4sc (12)
  • 26: [inc, sc]*6 (18)
  • 27: [inc, 2sc]*6 (24)
  • 28: [inc, 3sc]*6 (30)
  • 29: 30sc (30)
  • 30: [dec, 3sc]*6 (24)
  • 31: [dec, 2sc]*6 (18)
  • 32: [dec, sc]*6 (12)
  • 33: 6dec (12)

Fasten off, and weave in ends.

Small pieces (x2)

Use blue yarn

  • 12dc into MR (12)

Fasten off, and leave a long tail for sewing.

Sew to round 1 and round 33 of the brown part.

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Lifebuoy (lifesaver)

yoga accessories to crochet 4 Fun Yoga Accessories to Crochet Along With Yoga Animals

Start with blue yarn

Ch 66, ss into the 1st chain to make a ring, change to red yarn on BLUE stitches 

  • 1: [11sc, 11sc]*3 (66)
  • 2: [10sc, inc, 10sc, inc]*3 (72)
  • 3: [11sc, inc, 11sc, inc]*3 (78)
  • 4: [12sc, inc, 12sc, inc]*3 (84)
  • 5: [13sc, inc, 13sc, inc]*3 (90)
  • 6: [14sc, inc, 14sc, inc]*3 (96)
  • 7-11 (5 rounds): 96sc (96)

Fasten off, and leave a long tail for sewing.

Sew stitch by stitch of round 5 to the foundation chain.

Ball Amigurumi Pattern

Accessories to Crochet

Start with dark pink yarn, change to blue yarn on BOLD stitches

  • 1: [sc, sc]*3 into MR (6)
  • 2: [inc, inc]*3 (12)
  • 3: [inc, sc, inc, sc]*3 (18)
  • 4: [inc, 2sc, inc, 2sc]*3 (24)
  • 5: [inc, 3sc, inc, 3sc]*3 (30)
  • 6: [inc, 4sc, inc, 4sc]*3 (36)
  •  7-10 (4 rounds): [6sc, 6sc]*3 (36)
  • 11: [dec, 4sc, dec, 4sc]*3 (30)
  • 12: [dec, 3sc, dec, 3sc]*3 (24)
  • 13: [dec, 2sc, dec, 2sc]*3 (18)
  • 14: [dec, sc, dec, sc]*3 (12)
  • 15: [dec, dec]*3 (6)

Fasten off, and weave in ends.

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Pyramid Toy Amigurumi Pattern

yoga accessories to crochet 2 Fun Yoga Accessories to Crochet Along With Yoga Animals

Start with purple yarn

  • 1: 8sc into MR (8)
  • 2: 8inc (16)
  • 3: [inc, sc]*8 (24)
  • 4: [inc, 2sc]*8 (32)
  • 5: [inc, 3sc]*8 (40)
  • 6: BLO 40sc (40)
  • 7: 40sc (40)
  • 8: [dec, 3sc]*6 (32)

Change to yellow yarn

  • 9: 32sc (32)

Change to purple yarn, change to yellow yarn on BOLD BLUE stitches

  • 10: sc, [2sc, 2sc]*7, 2sc, sc (32)
  • 11: sc, dec, [2sc, dec]*7, sc (24)
  • 12-13 (2 rounds): 24sc (24)
  • 14: [dec, sc]*8 (16)

Change to teal yarn

  • 15-16 (2 rounds): 16sc (16)
  • 17: 8dec (8)
  • 18: 4dec (4)

Fasten off, and weave in ends.

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Cube Toy Amigurumi Pattern

yoga accessories to crochet 3 Fun Yoga Accessories to Crochet Along With Yoga Animals

Make 6 squares in 6 colors:

  • 1: ch 4, {{3dc} into the 1st chain from the hook, ch 2, [{4dc}, ch 2]*3}, ss into the 4th chain from the beginning.
  • 2: ch 3, 3dc, {2dc, ch 3, 2dc} into the chain space, [4dc, {2dc, ch 3, 2dc} into the chain space]*2, 4dc, {2dc, ch 3, dc} into the chain space, ss into the 3rd chain at the beginning of this row.

Fasten off.

Use black yarn to connect 6 pieces together with the single crochet stitch.

Using the Yoga Accessories with the Yoga Animal Collection

Now that you’ve created your yoga accessories, it’s time to pair them with my adorable yoga animal collection patterns! The possibilities are endless – you can mix and match the different animals and accessories to create your own unique yoga scenes.

For example, picture my dinosaur pattern doing downward dog on a cozy yoga mat. Or how about my cow pattern using the dumbbells to tone its udders? You can even create a pyramid of animals doing different yoga poses on top of the cube accessory!

One of the great things about combining the yoga animal patterns with the accessory patterns is that it really helps bring the scenes to life. The yoga accessories provide a realistic touch to the poses and allow you to add extra layers to the story you’re creating with the animals. Plus, it’s just fun to see how the animals interact with the different accessories!

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your pairings. Maybe you want to use the ball accessory as a prop for the elephant to balance on, or the cube as a block for the hippo to rest its head on during a seated pose. The possibilities are endless, so have fun experimenting and finding the perfect combinations!

I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Don’t forget to share your finished projects on social media using my specific hashtag so I can feature them on my channels. Happy crocheting and namaste!


I hope you enjoyed creating these fun and functional yoga accessories to complement my yoga animal collection patterns. By now, you should have a cute yoga mat, dumbbells, ball, pyramid, and cube that you can use to enhance your yoga practice and create adorable scenes with your favorite yoga animals.

Remember, the best part about crocheting is that you can customize and create your own unique pieces. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors, textures, and yarn weights to make your accessories truly one-of-a-kind.

And if you haven’t already, be sure to check out my yoga animal collection patterns, which feature some of the cutest animals doing yoga poses you’ve ever seen. Combine them with your new accessories to create even more adorable scenes.

Thank you for joining us on this fun crochet journey, and I hope you’ll continue to follow along for more cute and creative patterns. Namaste!

So I have shared with you all yoga accessories to crochet along with my yoga animal patterns. Love these yoga accessories and enjoy crocheting them? Please leave a comment below to share your thought. I’m happy to read all your comments.

Feel free to ask me below if have any questions about my patterns. Please also share with me your finished items crocheted by my pattern on Instagram, tag me @lennutas there so I can find connect with you.

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