5 Cute Animal Crochet Wall Hanging Patterns

Brand new crochet wall hanging collection from Lennutas this 2022 holiday season. All these are made with love to provide you with the best gifts. Now let’s dive into the collection to find out what animals are involved.

You can find all crochet wall hanging patterns or finished wall hanging decor available in my ETSY shop.


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crochet wall hanging


Made especially for boys, dog lovers, and moms trying to motivate their kids to be elegant, or gentle… And this is also the message I put into this dog pattern.

crochet wall hanging

Besides this motivational quote, you can use other quotes like be gentle, calm, cute, happy,… anything you feel is best for your kids.

However, you also can personalize this by changing the text to your kids’ names.

crochet wall hanging

There are other shapes you can also use to make the board for wall hangings: oval, circle, or photo frame,…

dog head toy s 5S 5 Cute Animal Crochet Wall Hanging Patterns

Wanna buy finished wall hanging decor with your custom information that is made exclusively by me? Click here to view some samples available.

dog head toy s 6S 5 Cute Animal Crochet Wall Hanging Patterns

You can make use of old photo frames as frames for these cute animal wall hangings. Read the in-depth tutorial on how to make a wall hanging I shared recently.

animal head other h 1S7 5 Cute Animal Crochet Wall Hanging Patterns


This cow has a birthday hat on its head and a tie on its neck so I call her a happy cow. This design is perfect for a birthday gift, which is also the meaning I have put into it since designing. Find the PDF pattern on my ETSY shop.

crochet wall hanging

Want to buy a finished wall hanging with your personalized text? Find it in my ETSY shop.

crochet wall hanging

Recommended crochet ideas:


Bears are special with 3 different cute styles available for you to choose from. They are the sailor bear, queen panda, and winter polar bear. I believe that I can satisfy all of you with these styles.

how to make wall hanging

Click here to download all 3 bear PDF patterns

In some cases, you might be only interested in the finished animal heads for other usable purposes and I thought about that so I have them available here you can come and buy one of them.

crochet wall hanging

Polar bear in winter style. Download the PDF pattern here.

queen panda toy s 1CS 5 Cute Animal Crochet Wall Hanging Patterns

“Be Queen” is the only quote that I would love to use for making a wall hanging with this cute panda. Which quote would you like to use? Get the queen panda pattern PDF file here.

sailor bear toy s 1HS 5 Cute Animal Crochet Wall Hanging Patterns

A cute bear with a sailor hat. You might be interested in using these inspirational quotes: be brave, be strong,… If not, it’s also perfect to use your kids’ names, right? Sailor bear PDF pattern here.


crochet wall hanging


crochet wall hanging
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